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X Premiere at The Roxy Cinema

X movie poster and fake alligator

The premiere of X at Roxy Cinema Miramar last night was an absolute blast.

The film was fkn fantastic - a slow burn slasher but never boring / great characters / funny but tense & some gnarly squirmy gore. It felt like a mix between Boogie Nights & Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive. Horror fans should get out and support the film in cinemas while you can. I am now hanging out for the prequel Pearl.

James from Terror-Fi Film Festival also did a great job interviewing writer / director Ti West via Zoom beforehand & gave us the goss on how he wrote the prequel Pearl while in MIQ & convinced A24 to let him make it back to back with X. A24 seem to be entering a slasher phase this year & I am absolutely here for it! Bring on Pearl.

I again had the honour of spinning some tunes in the foyer before the screening plus there was one of the crocs from the film in attendance as well as retractable pitch forks & rubber axes.

DJ Beware at The Roxy Cinema

DJ Beware at The Roxy Cinema

DJ Beware at The Roxy Cinema

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