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White Ibis / Maneater / Goons and Grease Paint

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I’ve been reading some short novelettes / novellas / stories recently & these are three that I really enjoyed: White Ibis by Wendy Dalrymple What seems like might be a Single White Female-esque tale of obsession between two women takes a pleasing turn into strange body horror and revenge. This is is a great little novella with some nice twists and turns. I’m eager to read more of Wendy’s Florida set horror tales. Maneater by Brittany Johnson This novelette tells the tale of Betty Black, a virginal woman with a strange power that makes it impossible for her to be intimate with other people. Until she meets Richard, who has his own secrets. This is a dark and sensual tale, bolstered by Johnson’s excellent writing which conjures time, place and people equally well. Goons & Greasepaint by Christopher Robertson This short story acts as a prelude to Chris’ imminent novel The Cotton Candy Massacre, which I will definitely be picking up based on this (and his earlier book The October Society). Here, a young couple plan a quick getaway with funds lifted from Bonkin’s Bonanza carnival. I’m a big fan of Chris’ writing which is immediate and sharp with snappy dialogue. His interest in screenwriting really shines through. A short shocker which bodes well for the main tale.

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