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White Ibis / Maneater / Goons and Grease Paint

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I’ve been reading some short novelettes / novellas / stories recently & these are three that I really enjoyed: White Ibis by Wendy Dalrymple What seems like might be a Single White Female-esque tale of obsession between two women takes a pleasing turn into strange body horror and revenge. This is is a great little novella with some nice twists and turns. I’m eager to read more of Wendy’s Florida set horror tales. • Maneater by Brittany Johnson This novelette tells the tale of Betty Black, a virginal woman with a strange power that makes it impossible for her to be intimate with other people. Until she meets Richard, who has his own secrets. This is a dark and sensual tale, bolstered by Johnson’s excellent writing which conjures time, place and people equally well. • Goons & Greasepaint by Christopher Robertson This short story acts as a prelude to Chris’ imminent novel The Cotton Candy Massacre, which I will definitely be picking up based on this (and his earlier book The October Society). Here, a young couple plan a quick getaway with funds lifted from Bonkin’s Bonanza carnival. I’m a big fan of Chris’ writing which is immediate and sharp with snappy dialogue. His interest in screenwriting really shines through. A short shocker which bodes well for the main tale.

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