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The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)

The Case of the Bloody Iris poster

Solid golden age Giallo starring Italian cinematic royalty Edwige Fenech and George Hilton filled with 70’s style, the requisite stabby knifes and herrings as red as blood.

Edwige lives in an apartment building where women are being killed off and George is both her lover and prime suspect. Some goofy ass cops flounder around, failing (as usual) to catch the killer & keep her safe. Edwige is also being pursued by her psychotic ex who is also the leader of a sex cult. The plot thickens from there and manages a few surprises amongst the familiar tropes.

There is also a strip Club where the stripper challenges blokes to a fight and then pummels the shit out of them; copious amounts of blood and nudity (of course - it’s Italian) and some top notch ‘plummeting bodies’ that bounce off the railings on their way to the ground floor.

Not quite up there with the greatest of the genre, but still a fun, bloody romp around swinging 70s Italy.

3.5 rubber gloves out of 5.

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