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'The Burning Boy' review by Valentina P

Many thanks to Valentina for this amazing review! 🔥🙏🏼🔥

The Burning Boy & Other Stories by Denver Grenell / @beware.the.moon

I came across Denver Burning Boy story when reading Bitter Chills anthology and when I saw his whole collection is free on Kindle I knew I should discover more.

It was a good read. Many of the stories are actually really good. My favourite were:

The Thirteenth Step (probably my most favourite, really good and chilly idea)

The Burning Boy

The Grave


In Comes The Tide

But all of them are very good. Denver manages to make us imagine the characters in the stories with ease, no matter how short the stories are and bring up all the tragic they could possibly share with us.

Many of the plots were very original even though some of the topics have been done before. It was very captivating and easy to read.

And also, it wasn't as brutal as some of the indie writers are (well, maybe the last two stories are questionable 😅) so it would make a very good pick for those who would love to meet new indie authors, but get triggered by certain things. I can do both, as horror is my passion, but I understand that some things we find horrific don't have to be necessarily supernatural. Denver let's us decide how much of our imagination we let loose and I think that's beautiful..

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