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The Burning Boy & Other Stories reviewed...

Many thanks to Steph for this kind review and great photo!

The Burning Boy cometh August 27th.

Book Review by Steph AKA @mysocalled_bookishlife *Gifted E-Arc*

After having read Denver’s The Burning Boy in The Bitter Chills Anthology I was super excited for this book of short stories. And then I was gifted the E-Arc for review and I dropped everything so I could read it!!

My plan was to do a few short stories a day. But I got gripped and I just couldn’t seem to stop reading. I read it in 2 sittings.

This books is filled with so much amazing writing, and ideas. One thing I loved about this is it’s so true to the author and his background. I loved all the little hints of New Zealand in there just added up the story for me. I loved how some of the stories were brilliantly interconnected, not to say I loved all of the stories. There was definitely some stand outs for me. But every single story was extremely well done. Rather than being a horror story collection it’s so much more. There is revenge, mental health, grief, even some time travel.

This book is out soon on August 27th (I believe) and I’m telling you all who like a darker theme to go and pre order this immediately!!!

Thank you Denver again for this copy!!

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