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SEXY TOME VOL. 1 ZINE by Video Slezy

I’ve jut finished reading the first issue of @videosl.ezy ‘s brand new zine & call me a plant or a shill but fuck me did it bring a big ole grin to my face. The man’s Van Damme obssession knows no bounds & he even made me want to watch that POS film Double Team again! The first half is basically a Van Damme bible (Alex you need to write the definitive book on the Muscles from Brussels!) before featuring an interview with NZ’s very own Kat from @teesfromthecrypt & then some dope B-movie reccommendations & VHS love.

@videosl.ezy has a unique viewpoint & love for the films that lurked in the far corners of the video store & I for one, cannot wait to see what the dude cooks up next. Get over to his page & hit the man up for a copy.

Bring on Vol. 2!

Find Video Slezy on Instagram:


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