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OUT NOW: 'Red Ruin' in Paperback and e-Book

Today is the day. Our new book 'Red Ruin' has been released into the world like a hungry, shambling bloodthirsty ghoul.

Here's what one of our readers said of the book:

'Real horror! We follow a strong female protagonist through the city and countryside of beautiful New Zealand as something terrifying consumes its population. Fast-paced survival horror that kicks right in with every big game hunter's worst nightmare come true. You can smell the blood in this story. George Romero meets I Am Legend.'

Jack Minster - Amazon review.

If you do pick up a copy and read it, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, social media, bathroom stalls, anywhere you can as it helps indie authors get the word out there.

And if you do like the book, there is more to come....

Stay strong. Stay alive.

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