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Livid (2011)

Livid film poster

French Horror maestros Baustillo & Maury exploded out of the gate in 2007 with their home invasion masterpiece ‘Inside’. But their sophomore effort ‘Livid’ was bought by the Weinsteins and shelved so they could remake it, which never eventuated, leaving the film in limbo until Harvey & Bob rightfully crashed & burned.

Now Shudder has rescued it from obscurity so fans of their nasty & emotional brand of horror can finally check the film out.

Lucy, a young woman has her first day training as a caregiver & is taken to a rundown mansion in the countryside, seemingly occupied by an extremely wealthy comatose woman. Before you can say ‘Don’t Breathe’ (there could probably be a court case here if Livid hadn’t been shelved for so long), Lucy’s fisherman boyfriend William initiates a nighttime robbery which of course awakens the malevolent residents of the house.

After a long buildup (slow but not boring) the blood hits the fan in the final 30 mins as the film-making duo do what they do best - shred bodies and creep the shit out of the audience. While the film isn’t as good as their debut (what is?) it sees them exploring a more supernatural element - which they returned to recently with Kandisha and The Deep House. So not an essential entry to the New French Extremity movement but still a freakily fun and spooky one.

3.5 throat slits out of 5.

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