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Halloween '18 / Kills / Ends

Halloween 2018 vinyl & bluray

I know it’s probably not cool to admit liking these films, but I haven’t been cool my entire life and am not about to start now. 2018 is the respectful, fairly tame legacy sequel - well made and a good ‘end’ to the Laurie / Michael story.

Halloween Kills vinyl & bluray

‘Kills’ is a goofy ass exploitation slasher that tries to explore the trauma of Haddonfield & kind of succeeds. This is a fun gnarly slasher but far from perfect.

Halloween Ends vinyl & bluray

‘Ends’ is not what anyone wanted from a trilogy closer, but I’m glad they made it. We’ve already seen Laurie and Michael’s story play out (many times). The Corey storyline was out of left field, but I loved that. Plus, old man sewer Michael & his young apprentice was totally unexpected. And we got Carpenter’s best score of the three and that hilarious meat grinder finale. Love it! What’s your fave of the trilogy?

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