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Get 'Ghosts of Gion' for FREE now!

Ghosts of Gion book cover

Ghosts of Gion' the new sci-fi / horror novella from Ian J Middleton is out today from Beware The Moon Publishing. I'm thrilled to help bring this new vision to the world and I think you're all going to enjoy it.

From today until the 18th of March, the e-book is FREE on Amazon. The paperback is also available for purchase. And please remember to rate and review the book w

hen you've finished as it really helps indie authors.


What fears would you face to find a missing sibling? What terrors would you confront to free the one you loved?

Lilly is not one for pushing boundaries, being out of her comfort zone or living on the edge. Any excitement in her life is vicariously experienced through her older sister, Katrina.

But three months ago, Katrina disappeared in Kyoto, Japan, last seen leaving the offices of a leading robotics company. With no word on her whereabouts, and the authorities losing interest, Lilly vows to at least try to discover what became of her big sister. She owes her that much.

But after plunging into a foreign land full of alien customs, unnerving technology, and trepidation at every turn, she soon comes to realise that the culture shock is the least of her worries.

Drawing on such influences as Black Mirror, Oats Studios and Love, Death & Robots, this dark novella is for fans of twisted stories and unsettling concepts. Pick up your copy now and delve headfirst into a technological world of unease and dread.


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