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EERIE CHRISTMAS 2: More Christmas Tales of Darkness & Horror

EERIE CHRISTMAS 2: More Christmas Tales of Darkness & Horror is released on December 11 by Black Hare Press. Featuring my story ‘Wish I May’.

Supporting the Black Dog Institute.

More Christmas tales of darkness & horror to fill your stockings this holiday season. What horrors lie in wait on this special night? What macabre monstrosities might manifest? What terrible things ride out of the trees?

A Gift from Krampus by Karen Bayly

Away in a Manger by Adrian David & Debbie Hewson

Dear Slavic Santa by Avery Hunter

Devil of a Deal by J.D. Frain

Eleven Month Utero by Caoimhin Kennedy

Fallen Miracle by Rachel L. Tilley

Festive Takings by Jameson Grey

Here We Come A-Wassailing by Kimberly Rei

Home for the Holidays by Jeff Ehrmann

Hungry Christmas by Cassandra O'Sullivan Sachar

Mother Christmas by L.T. Ward

Nine Ladies Dancing by D.M. Burdett

Rosey Ruby by Alexander Nachaj

Snow on Snow by Charlotte O'Farrell

Spelling Counts by Blaise Langlois

Spirits of the Season by S. Jade Path

The Cost of Christmas by S.O. Green

The Naughty List by Marion Lougheed

The Very Good Pupil by A.H. Syme

The Yule Trolls by Leanbh Pearson

Tiny Tots All Aglow by Wondra Vanian

Tis the Season by Brianna Witte

Treasured Traditions by April Yates

Two Cloven Hooves by Matthew Stevens

Ulee the Unicorn by Maggie D. Brace

We Don't Celebrate Christmas Here by Stephen Herczeg

Welcome to Aberdeen by Scott McGregor

Wish I May by Denver Grenell

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