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Demon Wind (1990)

Demon Wind poster

This goofy ass flick is a mix of Evil Dead (friends go to an isolated location / evil book) & Demons (lots of Demons) & has Vinegar Syndrome written all over it. Cory and his entourage (seriously there’s like 20 people in his group) journey to his family home where his parents disappeared when he was a baby. They find the aforementioned evil book & of course weird shit happens: a fog rolls in & transports them 20 metres to the left & everyone acts as if they’ve teleported across the globe. People die & become Demons. More friends arrive. They die & become Demons. One woman gets turned into a baby doll. There is some amazing goopy makeup FX. The acting is very not great. The script is abysmal but the film is well shot & has good production values. The sound FX are cranked up to the point of distortion which is kind of effective. The final creature looks like Gothmog from LOTR (wonder if Peter Jackson is a Demon Wind fan?). The movie is both boring & a lot of fun if that makes sense. My kind of WTF’ery. And no that demon on the poster art is nowhere to be found in the film. On @tubi for free yo. 3.5 Cory’s out of 5.

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