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Death Promise (1977)

Death Promise poster

Next up in the Vinegar Syndrome X Tubi festival is this thoroughly enjoyable, WTF kung-fu revenge film.

Set in the dilapidated NYC of 1977, a cabal of evil developers try to scare off the residents of a bunch of apartment buildings so they can do some big real estate deal. But when they kill the big hearted super, his son makes a ‘Death Promise’ to his dead dad to kill all the fat cat developers responsible.

The film plays like a 70s Miami Connection, goofy AF and lacking in some areas, like direction, acting & editing but is 100% earnest. The fight scenes are genuinely good; the 70s style is in full effect; it has a funk filled score replete with wah wah & percussion & the run-down NYC locales are a great time capsule.

There are also moments of brilliant What The Fuckery like the hilarious screaming henchman in the climax plus the ‘Ratbag’ when one of the heroes puts a bag of rats over the head of an evil developer.

Watch for free on Tubi.

4 Ratbags out of 5.

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