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Book Review: Latinx Screams. Edited by V. Castro & Tina Pelayo.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Latinx Screams book cover

This wonderfully diverse collection brings together an array of Latino writers. A broad mix of styles and flavours means there is something here for everyone from gory creature horror to magical realism, and a hefty dose of traditional myths and superstitions. Here are my thoughts on each story.

Sangre Derramada by Hector Acosta

Strange creature horror set in a chicken abbatoir. Hints of a vintage King short with a Latino twist. Great start to the anthology.

Black Sheep by Sarah Davis

A cool idea is slightly undone by the writing but this tale of a reporter covering a vigilante killer has a great sting in its tail.

Morning of the Teeth by Rios de la Luz

A surreal Exorcism story filled with dreamlike imagery where memories & nightmares collide. Has a fable like quality to it.

Frijoles by Laura Diaz de Arce

This story deals with an age old family curse which sees family members die at a certain age. Filled with fascinating oral history told by various family members, two cousins resolve not to live in fear & return to the source of the curse. A highlight of the collection.

Come, Play by Sergio Gomez

Urban myth & folklore combine in this magical tale of demons that prey on the young. Evocative & spooky with a memorable ending.

The Organometallic God by Arasibo Campeche

A short but mesmerising delve into Santeria and magic. We meet Sara, already dead but still conscious, the recipient of her husbands ‘elixir’ which is supposed to cure her of a terminal illness. A dark & magical tale.

Galán by Richie Narvaez

This fun story is a humorous look at the clash between tradition & technology when a family in the near future buy a home help robot who starts to develop some peculiar habits.

The Devil With Me by Baillie Puckett

A short & sweet tale of demonic possession & like a few stories in the collection has a family with a history of supernatural phenomena.

The Throats of Neptune by Monique Quintana

Filled with dark magic this tale of mermaids held in captivity is a strange but vivid story.

Behind the Mountain by E. Reyes

With hints of Pet Sematary, this cool story deals with resurrecting dead family members & the consequences.

Imperial Slaughterhouse by A.E. Santana

A fantastic story of a woman facing down the demon who holds sway over her dying father.

Pancho Claus Vs. Krampus by V. Castro

A collision of cultures & myths makes for a fun finale to the book.

4 out of 5.

Published by Burial Day Books.

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