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Bliss (2019)

Bliss film poster
Bliss (2019)

I’ve been aware of director Joe Begos for a while, having heard him on a few podcasts over the years, but this is the first of his films (his third) I’ve watched.

Bliss is a low budget drug fuelled vampire flick that is more sensory overload than full narrative, but Begos and star Dora Madison shine in their two-way dance between director and performer, even if the characters are wholly unsympathetic (not a big minus - but they are little more than a bunch of selfish wasters).

Dezzy is a struggling LA artist in need of inspiration which comes in the form of a new drug and also a lusty dalliance with a hard partying couple who may or may not be bloodsuckers (they show the Lost Boys how to really party all night).

This is the sort of audio visual overload that would be a perfect late night screening at a film festival, a dark and sensual descent into madness and blood. Madison goes all in here, often covered in blood and not much else while hurling paint at the canvas (and hurling up blood). Begos shows that he has a vision and can achieve it with a small budget by pushing the camera and sound as far as it can go.

3.5 vampire threesomes out of 5

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