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A Scanner Darkly (2006)

A Scanner Darkly

Everything is not going to be ok… Richard Linklater at his best. Keanu at his best. Winona, Robert Downey & Woody at their kookiest. Pure liquid paranoia becoming a swirling, technicolor downward spiral. This film is dark, funny, quirky, unsettling and sad. It’s a Linklateran slacker hangout movie melted down into a Phillip K Dick nightmare of identity & loss of self. Maybe the best Dick adaptation? The score by Graham Reynolds perfectly captures all the tones of the film, with skittery jazz conjuring a man covered in imaginary cockroaches, to incandescent keys to signify the high of Substance D & the emotional crescendo of strings as Reeve’s character loses touch with reality. 5 scramble suits out of 5.

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