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'90s horror DVD stash

DVDs of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Craft and Urban Legend.

I found this 90s horror quadriptych in the thrift store the other day. Truth be told, I was not into these post-Scream films back when they were released. I liked Scream, but then the sudden rush of pretty white teen slasher / witch flicks put me right off, culminating in the absolute nadir that was An American Werewolf in Paris (which though riffing on the first film, was definitely greenlit because teen-horror was in).

I was vibing on Demon Knight, Mimic and Event Horizon for my 90s horror kicks, although I did enjoy Urban Legend at the time & really enjoyed it on a recent rewatch - that’s a fun one, and director Jamie Blanks is clearly having the time of his life on that film. Shocking as it may seem, I’ve never seen any of the I Know What You Did films, have only seen bits of The Craft and missed Cherry Falls and some of the others back in the day. Now I’m old and mellow, I will give them another shot, even if just to see the pretty Dawsons and Buffy alumni get slaughtered by a dude with a hook.

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